PaybyPlate MA provides a convenient and efficient way to handle toll payments across Massachusetts and beyond. With an E-ZPass transponder, drivers can automatically pay tolls without stopping, leveraging a system recognized across various states. This guide outlines the straightforward steps to apply for an E-ZPass MA, ensuring you can quickly set up and start using your transponder.

Understanding E-ZPass MA and Its Compatibility

  1. Advanced Equipment: E-ZPass MA uses sophisticated transponders and cameras installed at toll booths to automatically detect and charge tolls as vehicles pass through, reducing wait times and congestion.
  2. Easy Setup: Motorists can easily obtain and install an E-ZPass MA transponder, attaching it to their vehicle’s windshield to facilitate automatic toll payments.
ezpass transponder

Compatibility Across States

  1. Wide Acceptance: E-ZPass MA transponders are recognized at numerous toll facilities across various states, not just in Massachusetts, allowing for hassle-free travel through multiple jurisdictions.
  2. Limitations on Discounts: It’s important to note that while the transponder works in several states, the specific discounts offered on Massachusetts highways are exclusive to E-ZPass MA accounts.

How to Apply for an E-ZPass MA Account

1. Online Application

  • Requirements:
    • A device with internet access.
    • Personal data and payment information.
  • Procedure:
    • Visit the official EZDriveMA account creation page: EZDriveMA Account Creation.
    • Enter your license plate number, vehicle details (make, model, year of manufacture), and your payment information (credit card, debit card, or bank details).

2. Application by Mail

  • Procedure:
    • Download and complete the E-ZPass MA application form from the official website.
    • Send the completed and signed application to:
      EZ Drive MA Customer Service Center
      27 Central State Unit
      Auburn, MA 01501-1800

3. In-Person Application

  • Locations:
    • Apply directly by visiting one of the Massachusetts Customer Service Centers or EZ Drive MA partner sites.
    • Addresses and details of these locations can be found on the EZDriveMA website.

Benefits of Registering for E-ZPass MA

Toll Payment Convenience

  • Automated Payments: With E-ZPass MA, your tolls are automatically deducted as you pass through toll booths equipped with E-ZPass sensors.
  • No Need to Stop: The system allows you to drive through tolls without stopping, saving time and reducing traffic congestion.

Cross-State Compatibility

  • Widespread Use: E-ZPass MA is recognized in multiple states, allowing you to travel seamlessly outside of Massachusetts without changing your toll payment setup.

Access to Discounts and Special Offers

  • Exclusive Offers: Registered users can access various offers and discounts on toll payments, enhancing the value of the E-ZPass MA.
  • Discover More: For further details on discounts and offers, visit the official PaybyPlateMa website at