Understanding the invoice charges associated with Pay by Plate MA is essential for all users who utilize this electronic toll payment system. This guide provides a detailed breakdown of the various fees and charges, ensuring transparency and helping you manage your toll payments effectively.

Overview of Invoice Charges

PaybyPlateMA simplifies the payment of tolls via an automated system that identifies vehicles through their registration numbers. Here’s what you need to know about the specific invoice charges:

Standard Invoice Fee

  • Per Invoice Cost: Each invoice incurs a standard fee of $0.60. This fee is applied every time an invoice is generated through the system.

Bulk Invoice Calculations

  • Example Calculation: If you receive 10 invoices in a billing cycle, your total invoice fee would be calculated as follows: 10 invoices x $0.60 = $6.00.

Payment Options for Invoice Charges

PaybyPlateMA offers multiple convenient payment methods for settling invoice charges:

Online Payments

  • Cost: Free when paid online through the PaybyPlateMA portal.
  • Procedure: Log into your account at www.paybyplatema.com and follow the prompts to make payments.

Mail or Fax Payments

  • Standard Mail Fee: $0.60 per mailed invoice.
  • Special Request Fee: Requests for duplicate invoices or special documents via mail or fax are charged at $2.00.

Returned Payment Fee

  • Unpaid Check Fee: A charge of $25.00 is applied for any returned checks due to insufficient funds or other banking errors.

Additional Charges and Penalties

It’s important to be aware of potential additional charges that may apply under certain circumstances:

Late Payment Penalties

  • Details: Late payments may incur additional fees. Users are encouraged to pay their invoices promptly to avoid these charges.

Vehicle Information Retrieval Charges

In instances where vehicle information cannot be automatically retrieved through the E-ZPass system, alternative methods are employed:

License Plate Search

  • Process: If a vehicle’s registration number does not match an E-ZPass or a valid toll account, the system will perform a license plate search to retrieve the necessary vehicle details.
  • Fee: This service may incur a separate charge, depending on the complexity of the information retrieval required.

Benefits of Timely Invoice Payments

Paying your invoices on time not only helps avoid penalties but also contributes to a smoother travel experience:

Avoid Additional Fees

  • Savings: By settling invoices before the due date, you avoid late fees and maintain a good standing with the PaybyPlateMA system.

Ensure Continuous Service

  • Reliability: Timely payments ensure that your account remains in good standing, allowing uninterrupted use of the E-ZPass and PaybyPlate services.